A Soliloquy

On Recorded Pride and Hopes for The Future

Recorded history tells us that the Keith Lodge dates from 1754, but our senses argue rightly that her origin (and we hope continuity) is considerably older. Peterhead has much ancient history and tradition, so why should its Masonic history not be in line ?

Today, we know and value these things – Education – System – Records and the virtues and values they bring are treasured and saved for posterity. We know certainly that James Keith of Inverugie (a scion of the noble house of Keith, hereditary Earl Marischals of Scotland), a local man and celebrated soldier in the Spanish, Russian and Prussian Service’s, was a member of our Craft. On that assumption, could he not have been “made” locally by our operative forbearers? His statue outside our Temple reminds us of his service to others and should engender pride in ourselves.

With our Masonic records and traditions in Aberdeenshire, we are justified in feeling this, and to put our Lodge in the front rank and proudly feel we stand for today, and our place on the roll of Grand Lodge. After all, we did take our place under her wings only eighteen years after she was erected, and have ever since remained a rugged, yet proud and loyal daughter in the North-East.

Sons of No. 56 have travelled far and wide and spread fame in many climes.   Let us in future make up our minds to dwell on what is good and great, and see to it that when the year 2054 arrives, our successors may say WE were right; tried by the Square; Level and Plumb-line and proved true.

Loyalty to our Lodge, and an active pride in all her activities, will make us better citizens, add to her renown and our own good name and personal pride as well.

If our past records today lack all we may desire, let us see our successors do not feel likewise; and let us constantly remember that Masonic Ceremonies are mainly to let us “see the light” and having opened our eyes, let us realise the goodness of what we then see and practise it daily in harmony and truth and the Keith Lodge, her good name and fame; Scottish Masonry and our­selves will flourish.

When we and our successors read in after years what is stated today, history will surely say :-


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