Lodge Bikers

One of the more extra-curricular activities some of our Brethren participate in is Motorcycle riding – Several of our brothers participate in local ride outs, the Annual Provincial Grand Lodge  ‘Masons on Motorbikes’ run & some are members of the Widows Sons Scotland.

The Widows Sons Scotland are a Masonic Motorcycle Riders Association and have members from all over Scotland. They do tremendous work for Freemasonry, are very much in the public eye and do great work for charity. They hold monthly ride outs all over Scotland, and various events throughout the year – Including the annual and infamous ‘Branding Ceremony’

If you are brother who enjoys motorcycling, I strongly recommend you look up the Widows Sons, likewise if you are not a Freemason, but enjoy Motorcycling and are thinking of joining the lodge, The Widows Sons are one of the great Perks for a biker who is a member of the craft.

The Widows Sons are worldwide and many a member has been greeted by various chapters whilst visiting abroad – Here is a small trailer for the American Widows Sons, Even though were on different continents our principles are the same:-

For more information you can read about the Widows Sons on their Website or Facebook page, alternatively contact us and we will put you in touch with one of our members who will be able to assist you.