The Lodge

The Keith Lodge is the oldest Lodge in the province of Aberdeenshire East, Our earliest documented record dates from 1739, but there is every possibility the lodge is even older than this. The Keith Lodge is steeped in history and is quite possibly the oldest organisation in the town of Peterhead, from our rumoured humble beginnings of meeting on the Skerry rock, to building and running the baths in Peterhead for it’s townsfolk and visitors who wanted to bathe in the legendary spring waters.

Our members are fiercely proud of our Lodge & strive to further the Lodge’s interests, preserve it’s memory and ensure it will be remembered and acknowledged as the strong and vibrant lodge that it is. We are a diverse Lodge with men from all walks of life, from all age groups – All with one thing in common, We are all sons of 56, Men of Virtue, Honour & Mercy.

Are you interested in joining the Lodge? Have you ever thought how do i become a freemason? It is highly unlikely you will ever be asked to join, We do not solicit for membership, in other words we do not ask people to join, You must ask us to join – 2B1 ASK1 is one of the many phrases masons frequently use.

Anyone can ask to join, the basic requirements are detailed on the home page, but if you find yourself thinking about Freemasonry or being curious about the craft – Get in touch with us, We always look forward to meeting with anyone, Take this as an open invitation to anyone reading this – Send us a message & come meet some of the Brethren of our Lodge, find out what we do and if you are interested  you may find yourself Joining what is probably the most dynamic and in our view the best Lodge around.